“The sound hovered somewhere between instrumental hip-hop, film soundtrack and club music. There were moments of tranquility, accompanied by cosmic visuals of planets disintegrating into particles, but also stronger impacts with a great deal of improvisation, when real visual miracles happened onscreen.

Musically it’s an innovative musical project aiming at connecting two entirely different musical worlds – classical music and turntablism, using the sounds of orchestra, grand piano and turntables operated by 9 best polish DJs. Funktion, Chmielix, Krótki, Falcon1, Pac1, Haem, Stosunkowodobry, Ben and Vazee really are themasters of turntables with so many World Champions among them. The natural grand piano sounds will be interlaced with the scratched parts generated by the turntables. The mastermind behind the entire project – Steve Nash will be responsible for the grand piano part, drum pads, synthesizers and midi controllers.

Visually it’s a spectacle of 3D animations. Together with musicians, we take you on the journey to another worlds. We perform the 3D projection mapping set live to achieve the best possible experience for the audience. All clips are prepared from the ground up to directly accompany the music.
We start slowly, building animation with slow motion and long takes, just to deconstruct it and remix it live right after.

When musicians combined electronic sounds nad DJ skills with classical music with ultra precision, we took audience to faraway galaxies. It’s not the universe known from sci-fi. These rather were abstract scenes inspired by space itself.

When music hits the most sunny and optimistic tones, we’re visiting the parallel dimension where sky’s ruled by enormous and magnificent creatures. The concert itself is combining many worlds, but together with our visuals it’s a multidimensional experience.

Performed at Red Bull Music Academy Weekender Warsaw opening concert among others.

Written, directed, animated and performed live by MELT
Multimedia: Vidmo Group