v r   o l y m p i c s   t e a s e r

3 6 0 °   I M M E R S I V E   S H O R T   P O W E R E D   B Y   S A M S U N G   G E A R   V R

S A M S U N G   V R   O L Y M P I C S   T E A S E R

Samsung Polska had a series of conferences and events coming and wanted to communicate to the visitors that they are partners of Rio 2016 Olympics and show their newest Galaxy series devices. We created an animated Virtual Reality Experience – a VR teaser for the olympics. It’s an immersive short film, that plays with the concept of scale and let’s you check out the outer space and futuristic holographic projections about Rio 2016 Olympics.

Imagined & directed by Kuba Matyka
Agency: Endorfina
March 2016