architectural monument comes to life with raffaello


We directed and animated this 3D projection mapping magical tale for the VIP event for Raffaello brand. It was the climax of the party at midnight. We begun with a full moon and fireflies illuminating a misty night. Then, scene after scene, we unveiled parts of the titular ‘Magic Garden’ that symbolised layers of the delicious praline.

The Wilanow’s Palace manager and the city officials were so amazed, that they asked us to direct a bit longer version for the biggest event they organise each year. That’s why our 3D mapping spectacle brought over 20.000 people during the premiere weekend.
The projection spectacle is occasionaly screened to this day.

The ‘Magic Garden’ animation was honored in 2014 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

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Written, directed, animated and edit by MELT / 
Kamila Staszczyszyn, Kuba Matyka