Our task in this multi layered event was preparing 3D projection mapping animations and performing them live during concerts of David Krakauer (directed by Kamila Staszczyszyn) and Tomasz Stańko (directed by Kuba Matyka).

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As you can see, more than 60% of facade is of glass, but the monumental and outstanding curvilinear wall inside the Museum turned out to be a great canvas to paint on with light.

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Directing all the animations we had to follow the Museum’s themes and focus on the main exhibition and architecture. The brief also came with a lot of symbols we could use and even more we had to avoid. What we wanted the most, was to create a show that’d be an expressive background for the concerts.

Because of our roots in CGI and animated shorts, our animations are not particularly videomapping ‘style’, but we know from experience how to use projection mapping techniques to achieve something original and breathtaking.

Even as we were writing the script, we planned the visuals to fit the music stylistically and sync with it. Each song was treated differently and existedas an independent piece. As it’s often the case with jazz musicians, we also had to improvise along with them.

With all this in mind, we prepared over 270 animated samples so that we could mix them during the live performance using specialist soft. Each of them was already designed to perfectly fitthe architectural structure with the projection.

All of our work was done in 3D with great attention to details. We created a 3D model of curvilinearwall and the fasade. We couldn’t believe we fit all of the blades perfectly, because instead of drawing the mask of them, we’ve deduced their positions mathematically.

In couple songs we had a pleasure to work with the well known street artists. We’ve prepared the time-lapse recording of Swanski working on his piece and Aqualoopa prepared for us the colorful illustrated textures inspired by the reconstructed Synagogue – the heart of the exhibition.

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We want to thank Green Beam Design for the awesome fusion of stage lights with our projections.

Written, directed, animated and performed live by MELT.