The music industry sees one technological (r)evolution after another. Listening gets more and more convenient. But the experience stays mostly the same.

TRIANGLED - ENTRANCE @ PRO8L3M - OUTPOST - IN5TALAC7A - fot. @zuzasosnowska

We wanted to give fans of the band PRO8L3M another dimension built upon their music and lyrics. A sensory, drug-like experience somewhere between the real and virtual world. PRO8L3M's upcoming album’s theme was the fall of western civilization.

INFINITY CUBE @ PRO8L3M - OUTPOST - IN5TALAC7A - fot. @zuzasosnowska

We created the immersive trip to the world inspired by the band. Where fans could experience their music and storytelling in more than one new way. “A little dystopian Disneyland” - mixing art and technology to create experiences across many realities.

HOLO GO-GO @ PRO8L3M - OUTPOST - IN5TALAC7A - fot. @zuzasosnowska

To achieve the goal, we adapted the raw, uncharted post-industrial space, filling it with minimalistic light, lasers and projections. A laser path guided guests through the hazy darkness, as they experienced the installations in a linear path of discovery.


It is hard to describe by design. It's a truly experiential work and no amount of words (or Instagram posts) can accurately display the scale or sensibility.

INFINITY CUBE @ PRO8L3M - OUTPOST - IN5TALAC7A - fot. @zuzasosnowska

The immersive experience consisted of 9 installations and the "WIDMO"  premiere listening party.


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